This affects all documents, but in this case I'll use Reminder as an example.

When issuing a reminder and choosing email-distribution for the file, it's created as an attachment to the email with the name "Sales Issued Reminder XXXX.pdf".

If I chose to print that same invoice and/or save it to my computer it's named "Reminder.pdf".

So depending on how I chose to distribute my document, it's name differently. This creates inconsistency for the end user who doesn't know when it will be named what and why (and for what reason).

As an example, lets say your customer is asked a couple of questions about a specific reminder they've sent to a customer of theirs. Your customer want's to answer those questions and then attach a copy of the reminder in the response. Since these kind of emails can go back and forth quite a bit it's not preferred to send this copy from within BC but rather from your customers outlook. Now, the customer needs to save the PDF-file to their computer, rename it (if they can remember which of all "Reminder(X).pdf" it is in their "Downloaded-folder") and then attach it.

There's also circumstances where your customer needs to save the specific document and ask questions about it internally by email (with the file attached), in this case they're also named "reminder.pdf", "reminder(1).pdf" etc. Which isn't very user friendly.

So, this idea consists of two proposed actions:
1. Be consistent in naming pdf-files, there shouldn't be a difference in naming pdf-files depending on if you print or email them.

2. Rename the Reminders being sent out via email, since our customers don't email their customers a "Posted Sales Invoice XXXX.pdf" they shouldn't be emailing them "Sales Issued Reminders XXXX.pdf". I'm sure we can all agree "Sales Reminder XXX.pdf" or "Reminder XXXX.pdf" is enough.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap. 

Your help is greatly appreciated, 
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Please add and event in table 77 "Report Selection" procedure SaveAsDocumentAttachment , passing RecRef as parameter so we can use some fields to set the filename to bypass these lines :
FileName :=
STRSUBSTNO('%1 %2 %3', TempAttachReportSelections."Report ID", TempAttachReportSelections."Report Caption", DocumentNo), 'pdf');

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The name generation code should be part of the report logic itself. Also the naming conventions should be part of a setup (maybe in report selection, maybe in different setup table).
An event would be helpful (similar to report substitution).

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In addition to the above, the name is base on the language of the client from witch the document is created. So in sweden the invoiceX.pdf is named försäljningsfakturaX.pdf witch couses problems in countries that does not us the caracters ö and ä. When trying to open the invoice they will get an error saying they should not use special caracters.... I should not have to change the language of my client depending to were my created invoices should be sent, it should be a setting or a universal naming.

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