Virtually everyone in the UK will have heard of the work done by the RNLI. The RNLI is principally funded by legacies and donations, and most of the members of its 40,000 lifeboat crews are unpaid volunteers. The RNLI has 237 lifeboat stations and operates 444 lifeboats. Crews rescues on average 22 people a day. RNLI Lifeguards operate on more than 200 beaches. Whilst the issue appears trivial it is experienced every single day. Considering the volume of churn with the organisation this is making Position management (establishment) extremely difficult. They have on average 3000 new hires within a calendar year. The Administrator 70% of the time will do this advance of the assignment date, so currently occupied positions will not be available for assignment. The team will therefore need to create anywhere between 2000 and 2500 unnecessary positions to complete the process within a year. In 2018 the RNLI processed 3385 transfers, the majority of these completed successfully as the team are now in the habit of creating positions because they need a position for selection. The RNLI also process around 2,500 leavers a year. The positions that are being left occupied should be available for re-use considering the number of new recruits the organisation has but as described above these positions end up becoming ‘redundant’ This is good news that Talent has addressed situation. However, this leaves the RNLI in an unacceptable position. As a charity they need to ensure that the kind donations of the public and those that have left a lasting legacy in their wills is used in the most effective way. The work around provided does not give any further improvement to the horrible work around that the RNLI have to follow today. The AX product was purchased to relieve the administrative burdens of so many users, but the RNLI HR team are spending an hour or so every day creating unnecessary positions, which diverts time away from truly value adding work and ‘clogs’ the system up with unnecessary data. Every hour wasted is time that could be spent on the RNLI’s primary role, which is saving lives at sea. The RNLI is not in a position to wait for 365 / Talent and would ask if Microsoft could kindly relieve the burden by applying this fix to dynamics 2012 r3.




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