All the forms integrated with CRM in our portal are contained in a layout table, ie a data table "hidden" from screen readers with "role="presentation". The tables are generated by D365, so we can't change it by editing the template, and when we try to change it with a script on page load, it "breaks" the integration.

Unfortunately, "role=presentation" isn't fully supported by all user agents, and blind users relying on them experience great difficulty navigating and even understanding what content is on the page.

If and its and
children were replaced with
, the problem would be solved and the visual layout wouldn't be impacted; in fact, it would allow greater design flexibility if we ever wanted to change it.

Can the tags be changed? Or better yet, provide a mechanism/method that would allow us to easily customize the HTML markup of elements generated by D365 in the portal?
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If "table role="presentation""and its "td"and "tr"children were replaced with "div" *

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