When setting up a report in Management Reporter, there are a couple key settings as far as display, exporting and printing goes. 1. Fit to screen vs % of screen 2. Landscape v Portrait 3. Page Margins It would make sense and be incredibly helpful if these settings stayed consistent regardless of the application/export option that you were working with. This would include... MR Report Viewer Application MR Web Viewer Export to Excel (from both Report View & Web Viewer) Export to .XPS (from both Report Viewer & Web Viewer) Right now with CU16, the settings do no hold true across the place and then when eventually printing (especially if trying to print an entire group at once), the process becomes over-bearingly tedious.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
With the Lifecycle of Dynamics GP at this time, this suggestion would be out of scope.
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Agree with Kyle, and that is likely because MR makes use of some underlying SSRS engine which suffers from the same problems IMHO

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