Introduce a new feature allowing businesses to seamlessly include business documents as embedded attachments within e-Invoice files.

Current behavior:

When activating "eInvoice attachment" for a customer in D365FO, a copy of the invoice layout in PDF format from SSRS is embedded in the e-invoice file. However, there is an issue when using business documents instead of SSRS, as attaching the invoice file in PDF format is inaccurately executed.

<cbc:EmbeddedDocumentBinaryObject mimeCode="application/pdf" filename="FreeTextInvoice.Report.pdf">JVBERi0xLjcNCjIgMC</cbc:EmbeddedDocumentBinaryObject>

Proposed Solution:

Upon activating "eInvoice attachment" on the customer card, the system will use the Report format specified in the print management setup and ER destination setup. It will convert the document into PDF, if "Convert to pdf" is activated on Electronic reporting destination, attach it to the invoice journal, and seamlessly embed it in the e-invoice file as an embedded document. This enhancement allows customers to include business documents designed in Excel or Word as attachments to e-Invoices, providing a more versatile and accurate solution.




A no brainer

Category: Globalization - Regulatory features


e-invoicing is becoming mandatory for more and more countries so this would be very useful

Category: Globalization - Regulatory features