Service Management Setup contains setting "One Service Item Line/Order", which "specifies that you can enter only one service item line for each service order". Based on this, you will have one Service Item per Service Order, if the above mentioned setting is set to TRUE. Related to this, Service Contract can be created, containing multiple Service Items. If the Service Contract contains more than 1 Service Item and "One Service Item Line/Order" is set to TRUE, then "Create Contract Service Orders" batch run will end up to an error message! Due to a fact, that batch run tries to create Service Order, with multiple Service Items, although the Service Management Setup is set otherwise.

This issue is reported previously, but it was seen as "enhancement", thus the Idea here.

The point of this Idea is to have same "Create Contract Service Orders" batch run as today, but it should consider the "One Service ItemLine/Order" setting respectively. Therefore, if Service Contract contains 4 Service Items and "One Service Item Line/Order = TRUE", the batch run would create 4 Service Orders: 1 individual Service Item per Service Order. If the "One Service Item Line/Order = FALSE", then 1 Service Order would be created, containing 4 Service Items.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering resolving this product suggestion through open source contributions from our community.
You can contribute by assigning yourself on following GitHub issue: https://github.com/microsoft/BusinessCentralApps/issues/842.

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