Currently the production order Due Date, Ending Data and Start dates are all calculated and validated with any change to any of the dates which makes it impossible to schedule production orders with any flexibility related to starting and ending.

Many of our customers would like to add scheduling time into the production process to have component materials schedule anywhere from a day to a week early to allow them to schedule the order into work centers and machine centers based on many factors (priority, capacity, related materials, product color, etc.). We have used safety lead-time to add time between end and due dates which helps to drive the earlier start date since all the dates (due, end and start) are linked the users cannot then schedule the orders without effecting the due date on the order. The current functionality is very restricting and inflexible from a scheduling standpoint.

They would like to move start and end dates and not to move the order due date unless the end date would move beyond the due date.
They would like to initially plan the orders either from the planning worksheet or via manual creations with a scheduling time added between the end date and the due date (safety lead time could be used or a new field added). They would then "schedule the order" at some point in the process to set a new start date which should adjust the end date as it does now but not adjust the order due date. If the end date moves beyond the due date ideally it would display a message that the change will move the due date and ask the user if they want to make the change or revert it.

We do have some very manual workarounds for this but this has always been an issue with manufacturing customers from the initial NAV versions. Prior to extensions, coding this was a fairly simple modification and we could work around it but with extensions in SaaS it is nearly impossible.

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The more we can do to improve scheduling the more competitive the product because it is more useful to customers.

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