I love the organizational structure of Load>Shipment(s)>Sales Order(s). It's logical and easy to grasp. The issue I find is, Sales Orders are not given enough emphasis after stepping down from Shipments. Once multiple orders are consolidated, there is no easy way to break them apart again.

Sales orders are very important from a logistical/planning standpoint in our organization, but we can't work directly at the Sales Order level, rather must jump through the hoops of manipulating Shipments only. If multiple Orders are consolidated to a shipment, the only way to move an order to a new shipment is to cancel all the work, line by line, cancel the load lines, rewave/repick on a new load/shipment.

We really need to add the functionality we already have for moving shipments between loads to the the Sales Order level. With this I think it would be a great step forward to be able to:
-Split Consolidated Shipments - Move all LP's on order to new/existing shipment
-Move a single License Plate to new/existing Shipment
-Remove License Plate from "Loaded" Status without canceling completed work
Needs Votes