It would be really valuable for ISVs if the information could be shared in which insider build events requested via github are available.

Currently we are only informed that the event will be added but not when its available with the specific insider build version.

We track all requests in our own administration because the features are on waiting until all the requested events are available to continue development.

If we would know the version/build we don’t need to periodically create a new container on basis of the latest insider build and check what the status is of the events that have been requested. In addition it would help to improve the sprint and release planning because this is highly affected by the availability of events.


Would be great if this could be included in the github comment responses from Microsoft. 

Category: Development



We noticed a Build ID is mentioned in the latest GitHub comments.

We understand the GitHub automation tracks only the main bug fix for the master branch. The other bugs, for release branches, are made as copies of the original master bug, and the automation doesn’t report this information yet.

It would be great if it would show the build number for the release branch versions of the bug as well.

Category: Development