It would be useful if you could replicate the PO prepayment functionality and apply similar functionality on the sales order side.  We frequently have requests from clients to be able to create payments in advance from customers and link them to a SO.  I know it is possible to create a prepayment journal and link that to the sales order using existing functionality but the problem is there are limitations.  These are as follows:- 

1) You can't generate an invoice off the back of the prepayment 

2) It is not easy to see what prepayments you have generated in the system with remaining balances.

3).  It would be a simpler process if you could generate the prepayment directly from the SO, similar to the PO prepayment function.



2024 Release Wave 1
Ideas Administrator

We would like to update that we have  plan to develop a robust prepayment invoice feature. This groundbreaking addition will provide users with a plethora of convenient options, revolutionizing the invoicing process. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

(a) Prepayment % to  defaults: The feature enables users to set default prepayment percentages either based on the customer or the item-customer combination subject to order of priority provided for the feature. 

(b) Goods release restriction: With this feature, goods will only be released once full payment against the prepayment invoice has been received. Say goodbye to any payment hiccups!

(c) Multiple prepayment invoices: Users will have the liberty to create multiple prepayment invoices for every adjustment percentage made for the prepayment invoice or item. Catering to the ever-changing dynamics of business has never been easier.

(d) Mandatory sales order confirmation: This feature ensures a mandatory confirmation of the sales order before issuing a prepayment invoice, guaranteeing accuracy and customer satisfaction.

(e) Printing of prepayment invoices: Seamlessly print prepayment invoices from your Microsoft AR system. Efficient and professional, just the way it should be.

(f) Settlement with final invoice: Say farewell to tedious manual calculations! The prepayment invoice can be conveniently settled with the final invoice, streamlining your accounting processes.

(g) Credit notes against prepayment: In the event of a refund or credit, the functionality to issue credit notes against the prepayment invoice will be at your disposal. A comprehensive solution to handle every scenario imaginable.

(e) The status of the prepayment invoice will update automatically based on the action taken by user. 

Additionally, the prepayment invoice feature will encompass price inclusive and price exclusive tax options, granting users the flexibility they need to meet various tax requirements.

To ensure optimum efficiency and cater to specific business needs, the Microsoft AR team plans to release this feature in phases, prioritizing key business scenarios. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with version-wise plans shortly.

Please note that, as with any project, the above plan is subject to change based on organizational properties. However, we are committed to providing the best solution possible, tailored to your evolving invoicing requirements.

Exciting times lie ahead as the Microsoft AR team sets the stage for a groundbreaking prepayment invoice feature. Stay tuned for more updates about the phased manner releases of this feature and get ready to elevate your invoicing experience .


Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap. 


Shivam Pandey

Senior Program Manager





there is a functionality for Eastern European countries that already seems to work.


Feature: Enable posting advance invoices from POS

The functionality of this feature basically does what most customers wish. There is already a lot of useful material in this feature. However, this feature is restricted to Eastern European countries. From my point of view the very same functionality would work in Germany and Austria and would be useful to most of our customers.

Maybe this helps. Best wishes,


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We cannot quite understand the approach of making it dependent on customer or article-customer combinations, or it is not suitable for us. We work with credit limits. 

The customer receives a payment condition "on account" or "prepayment" in his master data.

If the customer has an invoice payment condition, their credit limit applies. If it is exhausted by open items, the next transaction must be made in advance. 

If his free credit limit is still 5,000, but his next order is 10,000, he must make a partial payment, depending on the free credit limit.



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@Shivam Pandey, I see this feature as planned for 2024 release wave 1. How reliable is this release date? Any (public) preview already available to already test this feature? As commented by a lot of other users here, this is functionality which is very often requested (if not always) by customers. Thanks to provide an update on the status

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Any update on this? Required.

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The process for linking prepayments to sales orders is very time consuming, and there have still not been any progress for optimizing the function.

As mentioned in previous comments the functionality for handling prepayment on purchase orders is fully functionable and this process would also be workable for handling prepayments on sales orders, so what is holding back the implementation of the functionality for sales orders?

It has been an issue for more than 5 years, so it would be much appreciated with an updated when the functionality would be available.

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This process is failing miserably.

The prepayment invoicing option in accounts payable is and I dont understand why it is not available for customer invoicing. Some countries have legal requirements to issue a VAT invoice for prepayments and to show received prepayments on final invoices. This causes great headaches and misunderstandings with the customers.

Since this has been an issue for well over a 5 years, can we please get an update when it will be corrected? Why can you not use the same logic used for Purchase order prepayments?

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Hi are there any news for the Prepayment Functionality in the Sales Order module.

Look forward for your reply.

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Any details about the roadmap for this issue?

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Is there any update on sales order Prepayment now?

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Any news on this one? Customers are more and more requesting this functinionality? How is prepayment functionality integrated with the new e-invoiceing features?

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