We use to be able to select Accrue Vacation on Vacation, on the employee card, no matter what methods we were using. Now if we select Accrue vacation by Paycode, the Accrue Vacation on Vacation is not allowed. So if an employee gets paid vacation on each cheque, the vacation amount accrued on of the calculated vacation amount is not calculated.

eg. Employee receives $1,000. At 4% vacation, he will get paid $1,040. Now he also needs to have vacation calculated on the $40 vacation amount ($1.60) and should be paid $1,041.60.

I can still turn on this flag in SQL and it works. However, if we accidentally untick, we cannot reselect. And a new employee will not work.

Would like the ability to select both Accrue Vacation by Paycode AND Accrue Vacation on Vacation.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your suggestion.
We are closing this request at this time as it does not align with current features for Dynamics GP in the lifecycle of the product.
Terry Heley