As we have in org. management active positions and all positions it would be really useful to have the same lists for the jobs. In the job list, there is a button - manage changes, where we have a possibility to set an expiration date. However, expired jobs are still visible in the list and also they come up when we link a position with the job. So what is the purpose of having an expiration date in jobs?

Since the organizational needs are evolving, from time to time we add new jobs and eliminate old ones. Currently, the only way to hide expired jobs is to delete them from the list which also requires deleting the history from position details. I believe it is not the correct way to manage historical data.

My suggestion is to have two lists: active jobs and all jobs (where we will find expired jobs as well). So when the user will assign the job to the position an active list will be showing up.

Furthermore, if the inactive job is still needed then from manage changes a new time period will be set which will make a job active again.

I am sure this feature will enrich the job management process and make it easier to maintain jobs' data. Besides this feature will enable to keep the historical data in the position details.
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