Currently Report-Outstanding Encumbrances by Financial Dimension only includes purchase order related encumbrances but Exclude travel requisitions.

General ledger >Inquiries and reports>Outstanding encumbrances by financial dimension

The report should show all encumbrances, by excluding travel requisition encumbrances, the report does not show the complete and correct information as it should be.

This impact the budget, encumbrance tracking and control. it is critical for business decision and control, especially in public sector.

Category: Budgeting
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Along with this idea, the outstanding encumbrance report should include the same filters that are used in the budgeting module, budget analysis, so that it shows the same balances at any point in time. In regard to travel requisitions specifically, they should also post an encumbrance to the general ledger when encumbrance accounting is being utilized so this report will tie out to the trial balance.

Category: Budgeting