When timeentries or expenses have been booked, approved and invoiced it can happen this was on a wrong project / customer.

We can credit (correct) the invoice so financially the issue is resolved but we are not able to change the booked hours to the right project.

We are not able to cancel the projectapproval, you get message this is not possible since there are billed activities connected, that is true but these have been corrected already, so why not allow us to cancel the approval, let the employee change his hours to the right project so the balance of hours is correct, there are no outstanding unbilled sales actuals on the wrong project anymore and time can be approved and invoice on the regular way.

This is highly needed within customers which invoice on T&M based projects and run multiple projects with short invoice retentions like each week.

Needs Votes



This looks like the same request: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=678121d3-714b-eb11-8fed-0003ff688ba0

Category: Time Entries and Approvals