Bank Account Reconciliation is great tool to match bank account transactions with existing bank account ledger entries and to post missing bank account transactions.

(Only) disadvantage is despite the fact that bank account statement file (camt.053.001.02) is imported in BC it cannot be printed in any form; preview, pdf etc.

Bank account statement file is stored in BLOB field in Bank Acc.Reconciliation table. What is missing in BC is feature for uploading .xsl stylesheet file and feature for printing bank account statement based on uploaded .xsl stylesheet.

Bank account statement should be able to be printed in bank account reconciliation phase and from bank account statement list / bank account statement after reconciliation is done and statement is posted.

I know this can be done, because it has been done in NAV2016 version back in old days. Hope Microsoft can now do the same with Business Central and with AL code. :)

Needs Votes