The new IP access restrictions are very cumbersome and hard to maintain. It takes over a minute for each IP address range to be entered and we have to enter an average of 3 ranges for about 3 environments per client and about 50 clients. That's nearly a full day of time for just data entry. 

This could be greatly simplified by: 

1. Making it possible to set the restrictions at the LCS project level instead of the environment level. 

2. When saving an IP address range, do not take 35 seconds to save (presumably you are directly updating the firewall and getting an acknowledgement back). Instead just save the data and asynchronously change the firewall. In the 0.01% of the cases where setting the firewall rules is a problem, alert people via e-mail. 

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for providing feedback. This is a one time activity and hence it has not been prioritized it. We will add this to our backlog. 


Manali Dongre 



At the bare minimum, we could get the chance to copy the IP Rules (NSG) from another deployment on the same LCS Project. 

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Why not making it possible to add also hostnames?

This would improve handling for people working in their home office not having a static ip address.

Being to restrictive will lead to people adding whole subnets of their internet provider...

Category: Lifecycle Services