Hi All,

I ran into a problem with a customer, with the following setup:

- simple work template with a pick and put action. The work class used only has a valid put location for location type = outbound
- In the location directive, there is no action defined for the put work line
Reason for this, is that the customer has multiple loading docks being used, and the Outbound dock to use, will be selected at the moment they start picking all work for a single Load
- In the mobile device menu item, the anchoring option is activated -> anchoring is based upon Load ID

The scenario:

The transport department checks which orders need to be delivered the next business day, within the load planning workbench they select all sales orders, that will be delivered with 1 truck.
All orders are added to 1 load, the load is released to warehouse which creates 1 wave.
The wave is processed and will create multiple work ID's, each work ID has a blank put location.

In the mobile device the user opens a "display open work list", this list is filtered by scanning the Load ID.
From the work list, the first work ID is selected, to start the picking process.

At this point, the mobile device user decides to manually override the pick location (this option is activated for the specific worker), a work exception code is selected, and a new Pick location will be scanned.

This results in an error, stating the location can't be used because the PUT location needs to be of type packing / final shipment.

After having a call with Microsoft, this reaction is "by design", because the put location is blank for all work ID's of this load. Because of the anchoring the system tries to update all other work ID's with the same PUT location when overwriting the PICK location.
Because the put location is blank, the validation fails, because the location is (offcourse) not of type packing / final shipment

In my opinion, the location override for a PICK work line should never fail because of a validation of the PUT location work line
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