We are able to delete a department which is used on one or more positions. The information message displayed is the same for departments which are not used on positions, this is not clear. Users would benefit to see which positions are still linked to a department when they try to delete the department.
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

 Thank you for your suggestion. To help us in our review process, we’re requesting votes from the community to help us understand the importance of this functionality. However, in the meantime you can go to 'Related forms' within the department form and see a list of positions that are related to that department.   This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.



Steps to reproduce:
1. Organization administration -> Departments -> New -> Save
2. Exit the form -> Active positions -> enter any position -> Edit -> change department to the new department (created in step 1) -> Save
3. Exit the form -> Exit the form -> Departments -> Select the new department (created in step 1) -> Delete -> Yes
4. Exit the form -> Active positions -> open position of step 2. Department field is empty
5. Changes timeline -> Manage changes. You can see the historical change, but the department information has been removed

Expected result:
Warn the user that the department that is being deleted is in use on the positions

Category: Organization management