Add a new feature to the personalize form functionality to allow users to make fields mandatory where they are not. This would allow users to streamline processes and avoid customization.

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The ability to mark a control as mandatory via personalization was completed over two versions of the product. The option to mark a field as mandatory via personalization by right-clicking on a control and then selecting Personalize was completed in 10.0.11  (Platform update 35). A new "Required" mode in the personalization toolbar to also mark fields as mandatory was added in 10.0.12 (Platform update 36).  



Looks like this is on the roadmap scheduled for Jan 2020 - "Allowing a field to be marked as mandatory via personalization."


Category: User Experience


Currently we are upgrading from AX2009 to D365FO and have the same request. This is a very basic requirement to ensure the quality of data entry, and will vary by customer.

We had the same problem in AX2009 so it is disappointing to find the issue hasn't been addressed 10 years on. Our provider is now having to replicate our AX2009 mandatory fields mods in D365FO at extra cost for something that should be standard.

In our current CRM system, it is a breeze for super users to set up individual fields as mandatory, and also to set default values without any IT involvement, let alone request vendor support.

Category: User Experience