Please add support for better labeling and the use of BarTender to create and design labeling. The following solution can be offered to accelerate the solution : https://kurthatlevik.com/2022/12/11/d365-bartender-and-label-integration-using-rest-api/

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Thank you for your feedback. We released this capability as part of the functionality “Print labels using an external service” in version 10.0.34.

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There are a few new features coming in the next D365 releases connected to label printing. One is an enhancement to current document routing layouts. They are being replaced by new label layouts, which include capabilities set up custom data sources with joined tables, removing some of the customization work needed to add data to the labels. The new label layouts also allow for having repeating labels, for example, if you want to print item labels out of receiving or shipping work (similar to how wave labels currently work).

In addition, there is a new feature in work which will allow calling an external service to print a label. Since we cannot be tied to a specific vendor, this will allow you to configure the shape of the HTTP(S) request that you make, allowing for integration with cloud native and on-premise (if you open up the firewall or create an Azure API) label printing services, including Zebra's cloud printing service (https://developer.zebra.com/apis/sendfiletoprinter-model), LoftWare NiceLabel Cloud or BarTender configured with REST APIs.

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Yes, sometimes we find it difficult for clients to explain - why such a weak functionality for such an important task as labeling - barcoding in such a large-scale solution as Dynamics, when we somehow resort to small cheap third-party solutions or offer the client an expensive partner solution - which clients are always strong for are surprised at the comparison of the cost and the rich ERP of the Dynamics functionality. And here everything will be easier - the BarTender is the best solution in the labeling industry (at least for the last 18 years I have been using it widely) and if it is integrated with our beloved Dynamics, this will only bring joy to both our partners and customers!

I support the idea! Thanks for the initiative Kurt!

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