These consumption items have unbilled revenues marked and the corresponding first journal entry. Each month, when customer enter these new consumptions, the unbilled revenue amounts need to be updated (which the system does if they enter the data manually)

Like when using the Add-in or DMF to upload new consumption and update the unbilled revenue amounts for items that are marked, a pop-up message may not be necessary. Instead, we should have the option to automatically account for these updates. This can be done through a parameter in Recurring Billing Contract Parameters, which allows us to choose whether we want to create automatic journal entries for the update of amounts, or by adding a new action in the periodic process of unbilled revenue mass processing.

We have the possibility to update all these unbilled revenue amounts. For example, through an option in the Unbilled Revenue Mass Processing or a parameter where we could configure that this information is always updated automatically, as it happens with "Post General Journal Automatically" within the Recurring Contract Billing parameters.

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