A customer imports/creates Pending invoices. These invoices contain many hundreds of invoice lines, referring to many hundreds of different purchase orders. After matching with the purchase orders / receipts the invoices are submitted to workflow.
Sometimes the workflow gives an error message "The purchase order or product receipt was corrected after the vendor invoice was created. All accounting distributions must be recreated to reflect any changes to the purchase order or product receipt's accounting distribution".

The problem is that the workflow does not mention which purchase order(s) needs to be recreated. To reset the accounting distributions for all orders is very time consuming. The reset can only be done for one purchase order at a time.


1. The workflow error message must be more specific (which order(s))
2. It must be possible to execute the reset function for accounting distribution on purchase orders for multiple orders at a time.

Even better: reset of accounting distributions must be done automatically after changing a purchase order / receipt.
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