1. Detailed Requirement
The business process identified by Rotork for transferring a worker requires that a transfer inclusive of a change of compensation requires additional levels of approval. A conditional decision is required to determine if the ‘Transfer worker’ request that has been submitted includes a compensation change or not.
2. Business Case
Without this addition there is no way to route the ‘Transfer worker’ request for additional levels of approval; all of these worker actions must currently follow the same workflow approval.
3. Benefits / Improvements
The benefit of introducing this functionality would be that Rotork could follow their documented business process for approving
4. Current Solution
Within the workflow configuration, there is no way to add a conditional decision based on a compensation change within the ‘Transfer worker’ request. The workflow has therefore been configured to leave this out, and the requirement cannot be met as standard.

5. Proposed Solution
Additional condition options to the workflow configuration should be added, so that conditional decisions could be built on ‘Current’ versus ‘New’ data. As it stands, The fields “New Position Details” and “New Fixed Compensation” are available within the workflow configuration;

These fields would then be made available for selection within any conditional decisions, providing more flexibility within workflow configuration.
Category: Workflow
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