Wish there is an option for human resource responsible to broadcast-post from employee self-service site the available or remaining tasks along with instructions to available employees-volunteer employees and/or internship.

Not featuring option to maintain non-specific job related tasks, tasks with no main responsibles and not having the option to easily delegate to available or volunteer employees including internship, user might potentially post conventionally, email or potentially track from "Microsoft Sway" application.

Featuring available remaining tasks to be delegated and accepted to available employees, volunteers, or internship employees, maybe optimum ideal to cover legal entity projects, tasks, volunteer or internship tasks, or other.
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REMARK: I meant have option from MSS manager self service to easily maintain, or add new task with instructions and have this new or remaining tasks be posted and available from all or eligible employees self service task ready to be delegated and accepted by an available employee, internship, volunteer, (e.g. tasks with no job responsibility specifics, administration items, maintenance items, volunteer or internship items, or other).

Category: Employee and Manager Self-Service