The idea is pretty simple, every time you insert an email template in an email you get an annoying popup if you want to override the email subject from the template. A very common scenario for most of our customers is to use both email templates to respond to customers as well as for agent signatures. There is also the scenario of responding to an email or sending a new email to the customer to respond to a phone call or some other type of incoming request.

The popup will always ask the agent if they want to replace the subject so if they are inserting two templates on the same email (due to signatures) it's another few clicks and there is always the risk of pressing yes on the wrong popup which becomes a problem as they will have overwritten the email subject. Please keep in mind that service centers are focused on productivity so every click and every second counts.

My first idea is to give the option to the administrator setting up the template of whether or not to enable/disable the popup for a particular template. This way the customer service admin can select to disable it for signature templates for instance.

The above idea would work great for signature templates, however we still have the issue on email replies where common sense and proper customer service dictate that you should almost never change the email subject. I'm saying almost never as there may be some exceptional scenario where a customer replies to an old thread for a new request so you take the initiative of changing the subject and informing the customer accordingly in the email body. The second part of the idea is to never change the subject and never prompt the agent to do so if the current email is a reply. You can identify a reply email by checking the "ParentActivityId" field, it will be pointing to the original email. This will lead to better customer service, increase productivity by saving the agent useless clicks and increase customer satisfaction as you don't cannibalize their emails and they can actually keep track of the conversation using the subject.
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Thank you for your feedback.

We are taking this Idea "Under review" and update the feasibility on the same.



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