On Project Operations, when the org is configured with Dual-Write, sometimes unintentional price list is set to the field (PriceLevelId) on creating quote records.

This behavior stems from that the PriceLevelId field is automatically set by default onload JS depending on SQL GUID sort scheme, so sometimes not expected price list is set to the PriceLevelId field.


The record which is set to this lookup field can be manually changed, but it takes some steps, and it is laborious.

Also, when unintentional record is set to this PriceLevelId field, it took sometimes to notice the wrong record is set on this so it makes difficult for managing quote records.

It would be great if customers could set the price list record for the PriceLevelId before creating quote records.

It would be also convenient if users could know which price list record is set in advance before newly creating quote records. 

Ideas Administrator

We have investigated and are fixing this as bug so declining this as an idea or a feature ask.