It shall be good if D365 finance and operations has feature to automate Business Process Flow. This shall ensure the tasks associated to a particular function shall completed and required data is captured in the system.

Below is one of the scenario.

• Fixed Asset Registration
o Once Procurement Department completes verification process of Supplier Invoice for an Asset and registers in the system, System shall notify the personnel who is responsible for Asset Registration.
o The notification shall create a task for Asset Controller in relation to task need to be conducted as part of Asset Registration. The task assigned to Asset Controller shall be a list of sub-tasks in the form of a check list to be completed.
o Once Asset Controller initiate the Tasks, all parallel tasks shall be initiated in the form of a business process flow to achieve the activity completion of specific tasks.
o The checklist for the Asset Controller is as follows for Asset Registration
1. Register Fixed Asset
• Asset Registration Workflow - Register Asset in Fixed Asset Register with all required details at initial stage. The completed process Fixed Asset registration shall trigger other subsequent activities
2. Establish Depreciation (Dependency 1)
• Finance Process for Depreciation - Establish Depreciation Policy based on Fixed Asset and initiate process. A task is created at Chief Accountant work space to complete the work and update the check list with task status as Initiated/Completed.
3. Register Warranty/Guarantee (Dependency 1)
• Warranty Management Process - Register Warranty Details in the system with all required details and upload required documents into the system. A task is created at concerned personnel workspace to complete the work and update the checklist with tasks status as Initiated/Completed
4. Register Maintenance Profile for the Asset (Dependency 1)
• Asset Maintenance Workflow - Register Maintenance Profile for the Asset in relation with Preventive Maintenance and applied service centers. A task is created at concerned personnel workspace to complete the work and update the checklist with tasks status as Initiated/Completed
5. Tag Asset (Dependency 1)
• Asset Tagging Process - Asset Controller has to complete the task and Confirm Asset Tagging and Update Tag details with photograph of Asset Tag.
6. Obtain and Register Insurance (If Asset type required insurance as per policy and legal compliance) (Dependency 1)
• Insurance Management Process - Initiate Insurance Procurement relation with Asset/Project Requirements and update system with required details
7. Assign to Department and Custodian (Dependency 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
• Required following tasks to be completed.
o Asset Controller assign Asset to Department and Transfer to Department required location.
o Department (Authorized Personnel) confirm the receipt and assign a custodian for the asset.
Department shall update the custodian details in the system through custodian management.
Department may assign the asset to project and update the details in the system.
o Once Department confirm the Asset receipt process, task shall be completed.
o After completion of all 7 tasks for Registration process, Fixed Asset Registration shall be completed in the system. Once completed, Procurement Manager shall be notified. If any delay occurs in any steps, system shall notify Asset Controller to follow up with concerned Task owner to complete the job. Task Owners also shall be notified to complete the tasks, if no action is taken on the task, the escalation process shall be triggered.
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