FinOps 279878
When the consistency check is run for all modules, the subclasses (except some of the GL subclasses) are not processed.​

Internally tested on (select):
D365 8.1 [7.0.5030.35333/] : Issue reproduced

With Repro Steps:
USMF company​

1. Modify the calculation group in one record in BOMParameters.​
Add a non-existent calculation group in BOMParamaters via SQL query​
where dataareaid = 'usmf'​

2. Run a consistency check on the Bills of Materials module.​
Navigate to Consistency check, select the Bills of Materials module and click OK.​

An error message is displayed when the BOM parameters table is checked, that the calculation group new is not found in the calculation groups table.​ This is correct.

3. Run a consistency check on All modules​
Navigate to Consistency check.​
The default value in the Module is All, yet most of the sub-modules are not included. One would expect that they would all be included.​

Mark the Bills of materials and click OK.​

Actual results​
Somewhat erratic. First run reported many issues relating to ledger, and no errors in BOM. Next run reported errors in bank module.​

Expected results​
All modules should be checked, and the same error message as above should be displayed for the calculation group in the BOM parameters.​
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