The nature of D365 Commerce is to recalculate price and discounts whenever you update the sales order or sales quotation, with or without Call center. This has been improved by the possibility to set different sources that activates a dialogue in the Trade agreement evaluation. However, there are still scenarios where this is not sufficient. 1. A sales order is created during a promotion and the promotional discount is applied. The product, however, is not in stock and have to be purchased. The product arrives at the store the week after, and the promotion period is over. The sales order is updated with additional information, and perhaps a new charge or a new line for freight cost. This will cause the sales order to recalculate prices and discounts and the promotional discount is replaced with the standard price. 2. A sales quotation is created and a price simulation is conducted. The net amount is updated on the quotation line. Additional lines are added and the calculated line is updated with the original price. Suggestion: Add more sources to the Trade agreement evaluation like promotional discounts and price simulations.
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This seems like a great idea. Will be looking for votes on this.



This would be huge for us. Currently we have a significant number of extensions to try to support this scenario.

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