Issue is for 2012 R3
Idea :Post the Invoice Register in Period 1, then run the Foreign currency revaluation and set Period 1 on hold. Afterwards you do the Invoice approval against the Purchase order and the first day in Period 2 will be automatically suggested. When you settle this invoice with a Vendor payment, the Arrival account entries are posted on the settlement voucher. As the Invoice Register has been approved, no Arrival account entries should be posted on the settlement voucher.

Issue is reported to Microsoft product group team and found comments as unable to fix the issue now due to the magnitude of the fix, other priorities, or both.
and suggested to post in idea portal

Business impact: settlement voucher should never post on Arrival Accounts. This lead to a impossibility to match the open vendor transactions and the corresponding vendor summary accounts in GL. And this leads further to a improper financial reporting, which an auditor will not accept.
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The issue cannot be reproduced by following the previously reported bug. Therefore, I close it as completed. If the issue remains, please raise a ticket to MS team. 


Interesting comment from Microsoft support team on the LCS link. What could have a higher priority than the system generating proper financial reporting?

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