Hi Team,

We are implementing Universal Resource Scheduling for one of our client. We have noticed few limitations while developing solution with schedule board.

Requirement No 1: Client want to implement confirmation message before cancel the schedule booking item but we do not have any identifier for new status, so we are unable to implement this validation in booking rule.

Requirement No 2: Client want to implement multiple schedule board for different location and also want to implement different validation rules for different schedule board but currently we do not have identifier trigger point of schedule board, so we cannot setup different validation rules based on schedule board.

Requirement No 3: Currently, we do not have option to select multiple items to schedule at same time. We need to schedule it one by one.

According to our client business point of view, above all 3 points are very important for users to manage schedule board.






Currently there is no mechanism for determining the current or new booking status within the Booking Rule when making changes to a booking from the Schedule Board. Having access to the current and new Booking Status would assist in identifying when a rule is displayed and the type of message (error or warning) that is shown.The Booking Status can be determined when the rule is activated on the Bookable Resource Booking form but not from the Schedule Board entry.

Category: Universal Resource Scheduling