We are using call centers in the shop with order completion functionality active. This is required to be able to register payments on call center sales orders. However, once sales order has status delivered, payments can not be modified because the completion functionality locks the sales order. Once sales order is invoiced, payments can be changed again on the sales order but these are not assigned automatically to the created invoice. We would like to be able to change the payments when sales order has status delivered. These changed should be applied to the invoice automatically once created afterwards. Business case: Customer orders goods, the goods are packed and package is ready for pickup at the shop. The packing slip is already posted in the warehouse. The customer picks up the package and pays in the shop (no invoice created yet). This is not possible as payments are no longer adjustable in status delivered.

Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to review this for consideration/prioritization within our product backlog.  Customer pickup order creation and management functions are currently only supported through the use of our Point of Sale application.  Setting this idea to 'Declined' only because it is not included in the next two waves of planning, but the idea can still accrue votes and will continue to be considered for future planning sessions.