According to the technical documentation for SAF-T from the Tax authorities, the Journal type, “Bilagsart” in Norwegian, should be included as an AnalysisType in master data for AnalysisTypeTable and always be used on all transactions. See page 21

In the examples on page 23 in the technical documentation, “Bilagsart” is an AnalyseType with an ID and ID description.

And under GeneralLedgerEntries, Lines, this AnalysisType is a separate Analysis segment in addition to the AnalysisTypes representing financial dimensions. See page 30.

Dynamics 365 does not have a direct equivalent to Journal type or “Bilagsart”. However, the enum “LedgerPostingType” may be used. Each enum value should be included in the AnalysisTypeTable report with its enum value and description.

The posting type in table GeneralJournalAccountEntry for each line should be included in the GeneralLedgerEntries part of the XML. This will provide useful information regarding the ledger transactions that is currently missing in the SAF-T XML.
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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will evaluate possibility to consider this in our roadmap.


Elizaveta Golub

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