This is a fundamental gap in the functionality for any company using advanced warehouse management.

This has been known limitation ever since advanced warehouse management module was introduced in AX2012 R3 ten years ago, 2014.

I would hope more emphasis from Microsoft on bridging basic gaps like this instead of focusing on pumping out volume of new features.


There is not response from Microsoft yet. This idea has been raised before 6 months. This Feature must require in business central. Yes, we agree this is only possible when the production order is not finished.


I also endorse this.

20 chars is serious limitation. We are considering moving over to BC but this may be a deal breaker as we have nearly 10,000 products and several hundred have long item numbers generated from our online e-commerce site.


Same issue for our company.

Knowing that B2B on Shopify are booming and Business Central is part of the ERP program of Shopify.

I don't understand how the VAT number is not directly available when we import customer profiles.

Thank you to take this into account.


I see that the link to https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/release-plan/2024wave1/commerce/dynamics365-commerce/planned-features no longer mentions batch tracking being available in 2024 Release Wave 1. Did this get dropped?


probably it's the time for MS to review posting procedure and all related table (Ledger Entry at first) to reduce lock, allow fast bulk insert and finally really increase performance.

I presume that some performance issue are not related to infrastructure, scaling it's not the solution.


It says that "This idea will ship with 10.0.29 release", but i am on version 10.0.38 and its still sorting Oldest to newest. The status is Completed, was it actually released?

Thank you,



This is important to us, the Nobel Prize.

And I might add that we would want a Swedish collation, regardless of current choice of display language.

"Öhman" would always be at the end of the alphabet, even if menus and buttons are in English.


B2B management is a Must Have,

We absolutely need it to be convincing and to sell the shopify solution to our customers

Many Thanks,


Valid From and Valid To date on the Dimensions would be very usefull. I am often ask for that by my Customers.


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