Currently we can’t route the Timesheet/PTO/Expense Workflows to the next level manager in the event that current manager has been terminated.
This will avoid having bimonthly timesheet approval issues when manager’s user records are termed (even though they are still active in HR). It will also avoid extra work on HR’s part to align employees to interim managers and then realigning them when a new manager has been identified.
We have not been able to configure the workflow so it will route to second level manager when first level manager has been terminated.

It seems System is currently As Designed and we have not been able to configure it to meet our requirements.

The reason this is needed is this functionality will allow more efficient business processes for HR.

See steps below:

1. Terminated user (Manager) is removed from the organizational hierarchy.
2. Terminated user's direct report submits the timesheet but the workflow can't route to the terminated user anymore because they are removed from the organizational hierarchy.
3. Workflow errors out and in stopped state.
Please see error details below:
Stopped (error): SysWorkflowQueue-resume X++ Exception: User dnmensah not found.
at SysWorkflowDocument-assert
Category: Workflow