This Feedback is from our customer KBC

1) they want same experience in website as well as Dynamics 365 app for Outlook on OWA or Outlook, they don't want to wait for 4-5 minutes or close the active browser and check again for recently used records.

2) Recent records is at the top in website on browser and on the app we see it at the bottom . why is the difference in behavour and can we please fix it.

Experience should be the same and seamless regarding MRU. They are also looking for if we can get icon for entity like lead record will have its own icon and contact will have it own icon in the app, same way that we have in website experience.

3. If we can see some unique value in MRU along with name like email address or phone number as Unique
Like if we have 7 - 8 contact as -'Philip Verlinden' in our CRM and in MRU how should we identify in app or in web, which one to pick.

Philip Verlinden
Email ID
Or phone number or account number
Needs Votes