Currently only one rating profile per shipping carrier is supported. Even you setup multiple services and multiple rating profiles on one shipping carrier, only the first one added will be displayed on Rate shop. The workaround has to be setting up multiple shipping carrier records each for one service and rating profile. It would be nice to be able to have one shipping carrier with multiple services and multiple rating profiles work for Rate shop.



To take this one step further the process for rating should be multi-threaded. TMSFwkRateShopBroker Entity will only rate shop one at time. So in a typical packing operation a user will want to get the best rates from a variety of carriers like Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL. The problem is the process of doing this thru the rate shopping entity (TMS solution from Blue Horseshoe) loops thru these vendors one at time. 20-50 seconds later we get the best rate. In our operation that ships thousands of packages a day you can see the time problem. If the rate shopper application would send requests to all carriers at the same time it would be a game charger.

Category: Transportation Management