We are trying to find a workflow that allows us to improve the collaboration between marketing and sales. We think this could be possible by assigning tasks/calls/appointments/(emails missing) to specific people.

Now you can only choose for customer journey owner (this means the owner gets assigned all tasks and then has to re-assign them himself, which is not efficient).

Or you can use contact owner/contact created by, but this also does not work out for marketing automation tools. Most of these contacts will be automatically generated by a marketing form (so the owner is always the owner of the marketing form which is most often not sales).

It would be a lot better if we could assign a specific owner to tasks. By doing so, we can also use the split functionality. Let's say we have a segment with 100 people who submitted a form that need a personal follow up call/personal email from a sales person, we could then automatically let the system assign 50% of the tasks to person A and 50% of the tasks to person B.
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