Multiple customer is having issue with line display. It is reported that the pin pad goes to standby screen after a payment has been cancelled by user. They want it to go back to the line display screen. We cannot send a line display request to the pin pad unless it is raised from the MPOS. The MPOS usually raises a line display request whenever the whole transaction is completed, but not in the case when a payment completes or fails.

Customer don’t have a separate line display. The Payment device (i.e.Pinpad) has the capability to display line items which is we are using. It is displaying correct line items when the request is raised from our connector. This issue is same in the customer’s as well as our test environment for all stores.Customer had a discussion with the provider and they replied whenever a payment is cancelled or completed, the status of the cart line items at POS should be updated to the device by us. If they continue to show the older line items there could be differences in the values being displayed on the POS.

The issue is same for all providers unless they continue to keep the line items after a payment(successful or unsuccessful). As a workaround, we have to manually send them an update request after the payment to update the Amount due. For this provider, if we do that, we’ll have to write all line items again to the device.
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Thank you for the idea!  We will consider this in our product backlog and update the status of your idea if/when it becomes a planned or completed feature!