Hi Team, It'd be great to be able to determine what goes on the CI home page and the customer card. Currently it's automated based on the different measures and segments you create. The same is true for the customer card in CI. However, we'll want senior people, including C-suite personnel, to be able to go to these dashboards to see overviews of their business. Being able to configure what they see will be important to showing value! It doesn't have to be complex, but we need some level of choosing what to show to make it usable. Thanks! NB: I know you can do other things outside the CI system (powerapps, powerBI etc), but this is focused on configuration inside the CI system.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.


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I agree with this recommendation and strongly suggest that in the future, users have more control on the configuration of "Home" and "Customer Card" windows (from the user experience and customization perspectives).

At least, it should be useful to better understand the "default layout" used currently by the product. Because the new Customer Card view of "Patty Melendez" in https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/ai/customer-insights/ is a new, improved view of the customer card. Can users configure it?

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Given Microsoft's response, I voted! I would love to see more people vote for this as well, since customization is so important for reporting these days. I don't have CI yet though I saw plenty of demos at the User Group Summit, so the fact that you spend 1k-1.5k a month on it and can't configure the customer cards, I'm shocked.
In order for your people to use the data as intended, you need to highlight what matters most to you.

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