The validation logic for Evidence of insurability (EOI) needs to be updated in the new benefits module. If the EOI validation parameter is enabled on the benefit plan setup, the system will validate if the employee is marked for EOI (along with the date) on their worker when they add the plan through benefit self service.

This validation checks if the worker has EOI toggled to 'Yes' on their worker record and if the date is before the plan start period. This is not correct. The process for EOI may take several weeks after the employee has selected the plan in self service.
It is not always possible for EOI to be completed before the plan period start date.
Per the requirements of the plan, anything under GI needs to be effective immediately.

Life insurance example:
EOI = $100,000
Employee selects $250,000

$100,000 is immediately effective. Anything under EOI is guaranteed issue and effective immediately.
Amounts above $100,000 is subject to EOI. In this example it would be $150,000.
Once EOI is completed after the employee applies for it, then the full amount would be effective ($250,000) based on the approval date (usually the first of the following month).

In this new hire example, employee is hired on 3/1/2021. They select $250,000 of life insurance. $100,000 of life insurance should be effective on 3/1/2021.
EOI is completed on 4/30/2021. So the full amount of $250,000 would be effective 5/1/2021.
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