Possibility to create mix and match discount with discount amount on a specific line.

Specific examples are:

  • Buy item X and get Y SEK off one item in category Z.

  • Buy from category X for Y SEK and get Z amount of a specific item.

Ideas Administrator

The requirement 1 below is already released as a part of 10.0.16, while the requirement 2 is planned for 10.0.19. 

Requirement 1: Buy for X SEK from category Fashion and get item Y for free.

As a part of 10.0.16, now the "Line spec" option of the Mix and match discount has an option to choose a discount amount.

Requirement 2: Buy for X SEK from mens Shirts and get 50% off on one pair of Socks.

As a part of 10.0.19, the threshold discount will allow the users to choose the items which whould be given for a discount if the threshold is met.



This has been under review for over two years. How many voters would be required for this ticket to at least be considered?

Category: Pricing, Discounts, and Taxes


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