We often get requirements where bookings should not be stricly constrained by the working hours. For an emergency, it may be acceptable that the technician works longer. Or travel from/to the job might be possible or even required outside the working hours. It would be great if we could define different types of working hours ourselves. Example: "Working Hours" from 8am to 5pm, travel and work allowed. 7am to 8am "Travel Hours" only for travel, not for work. 5pm to 7pm "Extended Working Hours", available for travel and work, but at a higher cost. Ideally this would also be taken into consideration by RSO, which of course adds a lot of complexity.

Under Review
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Thank you for your feedback. We understand the need for different types of work hours, we do not have this in our immediate roadmap, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the near future.
Vinay Nalam
PM, Microsoft



We do have a similar requirement:
One of our customers would like to see on-call times in a different color schema on the scheduling board. The technicians won't be booked for regular maintenance work when they are on on-call duty. This is currently done manually, but a logic like described by Alexander would be highly appreciated.
Additionally, multiple color shading of different work hours would help to identify if on-call duty was planned correctly (24/7).

Category: Universal Resource Scheduling