Product listing not available in different unit of measure based on the trade agreement journals poste, it will be always defaulted to single UOM.

Create new item with unit of measure “EA”. Make sure product added to following categories. Fabrikam navigation hierarchy> Shoes. Define unit conversion from EA to BOX. Post trade agreement journal for the item newly created with unit of measure “Box”. Run the batch job “Process assortments”. Go to Retail and commerce IT > Products and inventory and click on “Process assortments “. Make sure the product available assorted list in online store in HQ. Click on “View assorted products” to check if newly product added to list. Run 9999 job from distribution schedule. Go to Retail and commerce > Retail and Commerce IT > Distribution schedule. Just make sure all download session in applied status.

Actual Result: - Login to e-commerce portal and check for product price and units and we could see that prices shows zero and unit of measure available only “EA”.

ISSUE:- Customer expects to list product in both units EA and BOX. (Default UOM and trade agreement UOM)

Expected Result: - Newly listed product should apply unit conversion from BOX to EA and show respective prices, then product should be available to purchase in both units “EA” and “BOX” in this case.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the idea!  We will consider this in our product backlog and update the status of your idea if/when it becomes a planned or completed feature!