With a requirement to have automated tests in a separate (dependent) test extension for AppSource extensions, instead of having the test codeunits inside the same extension makes it impossible to do test driven development with Business Central. The current process of first having to download symbols for the main app each time we go back to edit the tests (plus having to unpublish the test app, before republishing the main app), means that the developer must wait minutes between each red-green-refactor step. Ideally if we had two (or more) dependent extensions inside the same workspace in Visual Studio Code, then the AL compiler shouldn’t have the depend on the .App symbol files. It should be able to use the actual source files. Technically this should be possible, as all information is already present inside the VSCode workspace and the App.json files. If possible then it should also allow us to use Go to Definition to the actual file and rename references across extensions, if they are within the same workspace.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap.

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An alternative would be to enable to embed test in the extension itself, and these would not be accessible in a production environment.

Category: Development