Accounts Payable users often need to send (email) purchase credit memos (claims) to the vendor.
Currently, in D365 BC, purchase credit notes can only be printed, not sent (emailed)

a) On Purchase Return Order and Purchase Credit memo:
Add a "Post and Send" option, so that the "posted purchase credit memo" can be mailed to the vendor.
This will work in the same way as the "Post and Send" option on Sales Orders/Sales Invoices.
b) Posted Purchase Credit Memos:
Add a "Send" and "Send by Email" option
This will work in the same way as the "Send" options on posted sales invoices.
c) Add the "Purchase Credit Memo" report to the list of available reports in the "Assign Email Scenarios" functionality
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Great idea, It would be better if it is able to send return order or credit memo by batch when post by batch.

Category: Financial Management