We are having demands about solutions that allow users working with a multiple company setup in D365FO to have functionality that allows users to centrally manage the distribution of products (primarily delivery to customers) through a distinct / different Logistics company. 

The idea is that users create sales orders in different retail companies then are able to aggregate / load these sales order lines(items) from different companies onto 1 truck (load) using the load planning workbench in the Logistics company.  The need to have multiple retail companies include taxation, legislation, brand requirements, company strategies, etc.

The reasons for this request are various and range from cost cutting exercises (personnel, warehouse facilities, etc.), maximise and optimise the use of trucks, personnel and warehousing capabilities, etc

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Frequently, business groups need to optimize the transport of their merchandise by consolidating the shipments of multiple companies in a single transport. Currently D365 TMS does not allow this type of logistics action to be carried out

Category: Transportation Management