Consider this scenario 1. External Contact sends an email to User A and User B 2. User A sets regarding to Account A 3. The Email is created in Dynamics with Regarding of Account A 4. User B goes to this Email from their Outlook calendar. They will not see that this record is tracked. They will have the option to Track or Set Regarding to a different record. 5. If User B sets regarding to Account B, the email in Dynamics will be updated with a regarding of Account B. However, since there is no two-way sync of the regarding on emails, User A will still see this as Regarding Account A from their Outlook calendar. We should treat this more like Appointments and have the item in Outlook/Exchange accurately reflect that the item already exists in Dynamics and what regarding it is tied to. This will prevent confusion and data inaccuracy

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Thanks for the feedback. Within the last year there was a change released to address this feedback so the same emails now appear as tracked for the other recipients. 



It is WILD to me that this feature was not carried over from the CRM for Outlook add-in. Losing the ability to identify whether an email has been tracked by a colleague has thrown a wrench into our day-to-day operations.

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