In D365FO we have some tables, which allow to maintain language translations. Examples:
- DeliveryTerms
- PaymentTerms
- ...

These translations are mostly used to print customer-/supplier documents with their correspondence language.

While there are entities (examples listed above) to maintain data with OData/DMF, there is no possibility to export/import/edit related language texts. Language texts are stored in generic table LanguageTxt and relation to its origin records is only given by TableId and RecId.

I see two approaches:
- Provide one entity for each table, which has a relation to DBT LanguageTxt (similar to existing Entity TaxExemptCodeEntity) in order to maintain translations through this entity
- Provide a generic entity based on DBT LanguageTxt, where user has to declare related targettable.

I don't see an approach with a generic entity, which expects a declaration of relation using TableId/RecId, because this wouldn't allow to use this entity for copy of data between environments/legal entities.
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@Microsoft: See also support request 119091221001710

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