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Sharing the following idea:

When deploying a package, the system kills any running Batch job without further notice. It is not visible from the UI, that the jobs have been cancelled by the deployment. They just cease to work. No infolog is stored whatsoever. 

The job goes into state "Error" without any further information, clicking on "Log" does not yield any response at all.

Also, there was no "End Time" visible in the tasks in error state. Only the Batch Job header shows an end time. 

Expected behavior while deploying would be that the system

a) correctly fills the end time of the corresponding batch jobs

b) somehow gives the user the information, that the batch execution has been forcibly terminated by a deployment.

When a Batch Server gets stopped, The Batch Framework should gracefully terminate these batches, and it should log all the running jobs when this deployment is happening.

Apart from that It should be somehow possible to get some kind of CancellationToken in our batch jobs, that would allow us to do a graceful termination on a relatively short notice in most cases

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I think is really a good Idea and can come really handy. thank you, Maria Gomez.

Category: System administration